About Us

Wani Infratech Pvt Ltd was established in 2006 by Mr Bilal Ahmed Wani and ever since its establishment we have been indulged in providing the best construction services to our clients. Over the years we have taken up projects with the Government as well as public and private sector. We believe in constructing masterpieces that ease the lives of people and are created and constructed in such a way that it provides proper safety and security to our clients as well as all the people who are going to be using them. We have been doing civil work since the very beginning and have improved on it a lot ever since.

We at Wani Infratech Pvt Ltd make sure that all our services keep improving over the years. We are involved in high-end construction services and have created many milestones in terms of buildings, bridges, highways, home as well corporate buildings, drainage and sewage systems, pipelines, malls and airports. All of these projects are taken care of the best engineers and architects. They supervise well trained and extremely skilled workers to ensure proper safety as well as a beautiful design. We constantly work towards providing the most amazing work for the best of our clients.

About Wani Infratech Pvt. Ltd.